Copenhagen Boys Choir gives superb performance here 

"It is extremely difficult to adequately and justly describe a truly great musical performance such as that presented by Copenhagen Boys' Choir"

- American Choral Review

The Copenhagen Boys' Choir - A unique choir

"On the occasion of the Danish Queen Margrethe's official visit to France, the Danes had made the French the most perfect and rare present from the musical world. After having heard the Copenhagen Boys' Choir last Saturday, we are able to establish the fact that this choir must be classified along with the most excellent children's and youth-choirs in the world. That is to say L'Escolania de Montserrat, the choir from King's College in Cambridge, the choirs from Tölz and Regensburg, and finally the Wiener Sängerknaben"

- Le Figaro

A delight to your faculties
"The Copenhagen Boys' Choir gave good for thought. There was no lack of dynamics and mature sound and the music lived with the chamber-musical transparancy and soloistic quality that is the characteristic ideal of the renaissance music. It was an eminent expression - a performance for recording."

- Berlingske Tidende

Crystal-clear singing-voices
"The concert of the Copenhagen Boys' Choir was an artistic experience which it is a shame to describe in words. The 40 boys' and 16 men's singing is some of the finest ever heard and you were still feeling the crystal-clear intonation, gentle and powerful, after getting out into the Danish cold west-wind [...] trying to describe, it is close to the commonplace [...] The boys' incredible musicality was astonishing and admiring."

- Jyllands-Posten

A chorus of clarity in the cathedral
"When music by Palestina and Schütz is sung as well as it was last night in the Washington Cathedral the sound is surprisingly beautiful [...] They sang with a natural-sounding freedom and lightness that is even more impressive than their unusual accuracy and blend."

- Washington Post

Highly cultured vocal music
"Copenhagen Boys' Choir - educated and prepared to the perfect - sang with great enthusiasm compositions from the Rennaissance and the Baroque as well as classical and contemporary music [...] The sound of the choir was remarkably homogenous and it was sung with a correct pronounciation, dynamically varied and with a never-failing attendance. Despite the heavy demanding programme you never felt any weariness."

- Luzerner Neueste Nachrichten

"The singers expressed a brightness in the subtle polyphony and in the modern and daring tones of 'Cantiones Sacrae'. At once the ensemble revealed itself as being very professional with a magnificant punctuality. So they presented us with a wonderful musical dialoque and these young singers' great virtuosity was much admirable."

- La Republique, Orléans

"There was a chance to admire the clear and beautiful pitch of the 60 boys- and male singers and value the ideal balance which was in the performance [...] You could really feel the musical quality that Ebbe Munk transfers to his singers in the intense and genuine phrases [...] The choir is giving a unique illustration of quality which hopefully we will very soon meet again in Switzerland."

- Tribune Genève

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