"Artists and organizations hoping to revitalize classical music should look to Mr. Hamelin"

- The New York Times

"Hamelin's legend will grow - right now there is no one like him"

- Alex Ross, The New Yorker

"Marc-André Hamelin ranks among the small handful of performers in every generation whose abilities defy the imagination."

- John Terauds, Toronto Star

"One of the most adventurous and certainly the most courageous pianists of recent times."

- International Piano Quarterly

Medtner/Schubert/Chopin, Carnegie Hall, 28 January 2014
“In his hands — international treasures, left and right — the sonata came to life, grand and soulful. It was single-mindedly propulsive but also kaleidoscopic in texture and color, going from lush to stark in a single tumble of notes.“

- The New York Times, 28 Jan 2014

Recital at Celebrity Series of Boston, 10 December 2013
“Hamelin’s gift is to let this complex music emerge on its own terms. In a sweeping, inexorable reading, the pianist honored both the volcanic spirit of the score and the intricacy of its textures[...] unleashed the wind of Hamelin’s urbane virtuosity.“

- The Boston Globe, 10 Dec 2013

CD: The Complete Medtner Sonatas
“That love of this music, causing Hamelin to marvel at “how mysteriously Schubert is able to achieve such spiritual heights through the very simplest of means, came through in how he played it, reverently, with a caressing touch, but also with his signature controlled mastery of touch. The control, though evident upon reflection on the craftmanship of sound, did not make the performance cautious or fussy, though - it brought it to life.“

- Ionarts, 27 Nov 2013

Recital with Washington Performing Arts Society, Kennedy Center, 26 Nov 2013
“He has a phenomenal memory, huge technical ability and a taste for the less-known corners of the repertory... He played all three pieces with no apparent technical difficulty, with near-clinical precision, and yet with a cold inner fire and a sense that he had left his soul on stage when he had finished.“

- The Washington Post, 26 Nov 2013

Concert with Pacifica Quartet, Carnegie Hall, 22 November 2013
“Moments like these were rendered with exquisite subtlety by Mr. Hamelin and the Pacifica.“

- The New York Times, 22 Nov 2013

Portland Ovations recital, 17 February 2013
“Hamelin seems able to pull off just about anything...with an almost surreal technique, devoid of flourishes or histrionics, but full of meaning, delicacy and power.”

- The Portland Press Herald, 17 Feb 2013

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