John Fiore


Verdi's Requiem with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Nidarosdomen, November 2013
"Verdi's Requiem was a large-scale experience, led by a conductor who really lifted this spectacular 'opera' with his dedicated communication [...] Because John Helmer Fiore really deserves acclaim for his interpretation of one of the world's greatest works, Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem. The music director of The Norwegian Opera & Ballet was both high and low with his exuberant and dedicated interpretation, which spilled over to the choir, orchestra and soloists [...] Trondheim Symphony Orchestra also seems to thrive under Fiore's clear leadership. No uncertainty is sensed, and it's lovely to hear how the orchestra and choir merge into one entity [...] it was a wonderful experience to witness the Requiem of 200 years birthday Giuseppe Verdi in Nidaros Cathedral. The choir, orchestra, soloists - and especially the conductor - performed a magnificent work with a sensitivity and musicality which this work so incredibly deserves."

- Yngvil Bjellaanes, Adresseavisen, 11. Nov 2013

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