Perry So


"Perry So is a dynamic young conductor with much to offer an orchestra. His beat is clear, he doesn’t over-conduct, he’s an excellent accompanist, he breathes with his phrases, and he’s able to bring the best out of his musicians. These traits were most evident in the Sibelius “Valse Triste,” which served as the concert’s encore. Here we heard the versatility of this excellent ensemble, taking them from a whisper of a pianissimo to large, never forced and beautiful fortes. It will be interesting to follow his career."

- June LeBelle, Your Observer (Sarasota)

Perry So, stepping in for Long Yu, presided over energetic readings of all three works on the program. Youthful energy flowed from So's baton, but so did masterful control. Only the Prokofiev allowed for substantial interpretation, and it was there that So's Houston Symphony debut was most memorable.

- Marcus Karl Maroney, ConcertoNet

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